The world-famous Mangalitsa pork and the exclusive Hungarian Heritage products were presented at FHA2018

HTHS presented its Hungarian Heritage gourmet food portfolio at Asia's most comprehensive international food & hospitality trade event, FHA2018, 24-27 April 2018.

Besides the promotion of premium truffle products and world-famous Hungarian duck and goose foie gras, HTHS offered its guest an insight into the Hungarian Mangalica swine’s history and traditional breeding.

At the show-kitchen of the Hungarian booth, our Chef prepared excellent dishes from Mangalica (pronounced as Mangalitsa) pork so our partners had an opportunity to perceive what makes Mangalica’s flavour so different. The guests also had the chance to experience delicacies like Acacia honey with truffle, truffle pesto and plum jam with truffle.

We would like to express our gratitude to our SG and HK distribution partners who visited the booth, to the Hungarian producers who supported this event, and last but not least to István Szőke, managing partner of HTHS, who envisioned the collection of Hungarian Heritage and to László Somogyi the lead food industry expert of HTHS and ETHK.

We are extremely thankful to the guests as well, who immediate fell in love with our truffle specialities.


FHA2018 stand 2
FHA2018 stand 3